Days 3 & 4.

Third day of training

Balance Fitness

October 23, 2013

 I was excited on my way to work out today. I’ve actually been in a really happy mood and that’s tremendous because I haven’t felt truly happy in a while. I think I’m happy because I’m doing something good for myself and even though it works my guts out, I’m enjoying it. I had a little bit of a bonus too. When I arrived Jake was with a client, so he wanted me to get started with the side steps ( I have to learn what they are really called) and walking knee lifts. The workout room was busy with other clients so he suggested using the aerobics room because it was empty and would be for another 10 minutes. I gladly went over there and immediately started doing side steps. This time I was only slightly horrified because the dreaded fat slaps were back. (I can’t wait until they permanently move away!) Step, slap, step, slap. I even wore different pants today! The good news in all of this is that I was in there by myself so it was only me listening to the echo of belly fat greeting my leg fat. Woo Hoo! I know one day this isn’t going to be an issue and it’s going to take some time but can’t a girl wish there was some magic something to speed up the process? The rest of the workout was great. Sit ups, push ups, pull ups, etc. I’m not looking forward to the day when these are all done laying on the floor. I did something new – holding onto the bar, sideways, and lifting my leg out. Holy aching butt muscles Batman! It really doesn’t sound like it would be difficult and truly it’s not, but when you haven’t worked out in oh, ever, it’s torture. Not only is the leg you’re lifting burning, but the leg you are standing on wants to give out. I guess the good thing for this one is I didn’t fart or do anything equally embarrassing. Thank you God. It was a tiring workout but I felt great afterward. Even if I still can’t believe people pay good money to be tortured like that. This whole process is amazing to me.

 Day 4 of training

Balance Fitness

October 24, 2013

 To say today was a humiliating day would be an understatement. I started my ‘warm ups’ by boxing. Awkward! I’m sure I’ll get the stance down, but I definitely felt like a fish out of water. It’s the whole pivot with your left foot and jab into it, working from your foot up. You’re basically twisting your body and punching a bag at the same time. Of course once I get the hang of it, it won’t be any big deal. What was a big deal was the arm fat slapping. I thought I was given a reprieve from the belly/leg fat high fives, but nope. As I’m jabbing the punching bag, or boxing if you want to be technical, I hear the tell tale slap of fat hitting fat. OMG! I realize it’s my chicken fat from arm slapping into my boob. Great! I don’t really know which one is worse? I should probably go with the leg fat high fives because at least with the arm chicken fat you can’t hear too much due to punching a bag. Although I can hear it! Slap, slap, slap. It definitely makes for a great story when I make my after training phone calls to Kristi. I’m also here to tell you if you think boxing is easy, you are WRONG. I was again sucking wind like a Hoover and was so winded I was having a hard time drinking my water. I know it’s going to get easier only for something harder to take its place. The rest of the workout was full of slamming medicine balls, quickly walking the length of the gym, and pulling my trainer behind me. He saved the best for last. Sit ups. There is a stack of mats that I had to sit on, lay flat on my back, and raise up. Flat on my back people!! The first one was murder and a struggle to pull all this weight up into a sitting position. Jake hands me a smaller medicine ball and says if I throw it forward it will give me momentum to sit up. I question it, he assures me it will work so I lay back with my ball, start to raise forward and launch the damn thing like I’m in the shot put at the Olympics. Right into Jake’s leg!! I am horrified! It nails him in the shin/knee area and falls with a thud to the ground. I am falling all over myself with “I’m sorry”. Profusely apologizing to him for what I hope is not a leg injury. He says it caught him off guard more than anything. I cannot believe I did that. I took him literally about throwing it and man did it sail. When I get nervous or uncomfortable, or do something stupid, I make a joke. So in this instance I said, “Oh you meant to hold on to the ball!” I’ve probably laughed at this whole incident more than I should, but damn! It was/is hilarious. Needless to say he stood to the side for the rest of my sit ups. I’m a little embarrassed to see what Day 5 of training brings. This is only my first week and it’s been this funny? I can’t wait to see what more training brings. Hopefully I’ll be keeping my ball to myself.


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