Days 8, 9, & 10!

Day 8 of training

October 30, 2013

 Today was a good workout. I started off by walking outside, behind the building; quickly and several times back and forth. I was trying to keep up a conversation but after a few times back and forth, it was difficult to keep talking and to also concentrate on what I was saying. Haha. Nothing humiliating happened that day and no tears were involved! Score for me. Like I said earlier, it was a good workout.

 Day 9 of training

October 31, 2013

 Happy Halloween! All day long I had this feeling like Jake wasn’t going to be there that day so I wasn’t 100% surprised when I received a text from him saying just that. He had to do a funeral that day (very sad) and wouldn’t be there but to do some of the same things I’ve done in the past, plus get some boxing in, in 1 minute rounds. I have to admit I was nervous about being there and working out alone. I wasn’t going to let it deter me from going, I was just nervous. Is this nervous business ever going to go away? Anyway,

I show up at 4 and there are a couple people in there working out. I go to the aerobics side and start with 20 lifts on the sand bag. I move on to walking quickly and then lift the sand bag 20 more times. Next I move on to putting the sand bag on my neck and walk quickly again. I feel out of my element because I’m winging this stuff. I mean it’s all stuff I’ve done before but I normally have Jake telling me what to do. It’s weird to be there in a room by myself but I press on. Next up is boxing. I do my three rounds and am working up a sweat. I’m tired of being in the room alone so I go into the weight room to do knee lifts. There is another client in there working out, an older lady and she’s getting it! She said she’s lost 60 pounds since joining Balance and that she’s 66 years old. She’s been a member for 3 years and probably within the last year and a half she’s really lost. That’s amazing! She tells me to keep with it. Very encouraging words. So I work on my knee lifts and kick backs. I’m watching the clock like a hawk waiting until 4:30. I do three sets up sit ups, 20 count each. Drew shows up, and Nicole, Jake’s wife. I’m glad to see them both not just because they are nice people, but in my own twisted mind I’m like, Jake will know I was there because Nicole and Drew both saw me. Hahah. Weird I know. 4:30 comes and I’m off! Another day in the books and one day closer to the end of my second week. FYI – working out alone is boring! I told this to Jake as well. Dullsville.

Day 10 of training

November 1, 2013

 I can’t believe I’ve made it to two weeks. How amazing this all still is to me. My mood has improved, my eating is improving, just everything is on the up swing. As I’m about to leave work this day I check facebook and notice that Nicole has posted a getaway with Jake. I think to myself, If he’s not going to be there again today neither am I! Wrong again! He sent me a text saying I would have to endure another boring workout because he had to leave for Tulsa earlier than expected. I asked him if this meant I was getting a day off also and he informed me that Drew was waiting on me and would be there to help me out; no I would not be getting a day off. But I already knew that and I was going to go either way because I couldn’t end my second week without going. I show up and there isn’t anyone there. I start off with wood chops ( I think that’s what it’s called) and slam a medicine ball 20 times. Then I move on to another machine and try and adjust the weights. I cannot for the life of me figure the damn thing out. Just about that time Drew walks in and helps me. The rest of the workout is a lesson in how much you can actually do when pushed to the limits. He worked my butt off. I did all kinds of new stuff and a lot of it. 100 ball slams, some form of lunging forward while throwing a ball, etc. I was breathing heavily. Worse than Hoover ever thought. I kept it up for an hour and was thrilled when it was over. I did ask Drew if it was their mission to ruin my weekends. I was worn out! Surprisingly I was good over the weekend. My knees were tight but I can’t blame that all on working out. I mean they are carrying around a lot of weight. For now.


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