Moving right along.

Week 11 of training

January 7, 2014

 Goodness! I have made it over two months. I have done more in the past two months than I’ve ever done in my whole life. I am now laying flat to do sit ups, I have fewer breaks in between exercises and guess what party people? I am now exercising on the Arc Trainer. (elliptical) Was it about 3 or 4 weeks ago when I could barely do one minute on it without passing out? Now I regularly work out for 20 plus minutes at a time and the longest I’ve been on there was a solid hour. I could NOT believe it. The intensity has definitely increased. Now it’s not just about getting on there and moving. Now it’s about increasing how much I move. To the point that my legs want to revolt, and I sometimes think about throwing up. Thankfully it’s only been a thought and not a reality. How embarrassing would that be to vomit in the gym? Although I hear it’s a common occurrence, I don’t want to mark that one off the embarrassment list. I already have arm fat flapping (still) and the occasional leg fat slap, followed by the raising of my shirt to continue with my belly fat playing peek-a-boo. I certainly don’t want to add puking. No thanks!

I am still continually amazed that I show up each day. I’ve tried to pinpoint why I do and come up short. I spoke to Jake about it the other day and he said it’s Faith. It’s faith in doing the right thing and seeing where I’m actually headed. I am overjoyed with how far I’ve come in two months. I’ve lost weight and changed my mental status. No it isn’t all moonlight and roses, but it’s so much better from where I started. Looking back on the past two months and I can see ups and downs, but really mostly ups. I did okay on eating at Thanksgiving, but slipped a little at Christmas. The scale wasn’t really my friend then, but I got back on track and lost the weight plus some. The scale has never really been a good friend of mine and this time around it’s okay. I’m trying to learn to not get so wrapped up in the number that it reads and just know that I am making changes and it’s not going to happen overnight. I have come a long way. It shows in my face, in my clothes, and in my general attitude. I am blessed. So very, very much.

 4 months of training

February 27, 2014

 So I have been training for 4 months! Wow. I still can’t believe it and can’t believe that I still like it. I have now incorporated two a days. I go early in the morning and still at 4p.m. I normally arrive anywhere from 5a.m. – 5:15a.m. I’m only there for 30 minutes but I figure I need all the help I can get. I started officially going in the morning on February 14th. I was busy on the Arc Trainer when Jake suggested I join the class he was about to teach. I really have no idea what possesses me to do the things I do, but I joined in anyway. Let me tell you this party people, I did sit ups and push ups from the floor! Me, on the floor, doing push ups and sit ups. It was quite the accomplishment. The gist of the class was to do as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. In the beginning I was trying to compare myself to where everyone else was at, but then thought, WHY? I’m not on their level and I need to do the best that I can do. I managed to do three rounds. Squats, lifting weights, push ups, and sit ups. Yay me! Of course my knees were complete crap the rest of the day, but that’s just because they have so much riding on them.

In these past 4 months, my training has steadily increased. There isn’t as much rest time in between exercises and the weight amounts have definitely increased. I have also managed to lose 30 pounds! I started off weighing 484 and made it to 454. Although this past week was a bit of a mess for me and I’ve managed to pick up 4 pounds. I was pretty much in the mind set that since I’m working out twice a day I can eat a little more, or a lot, than I should. That is not the case. Maybe one day when I’m where I want to be with my weight, but I’m not there yet. I have struggled recently with feeling powerless over food. If you want to know the face of a food addict, look at me.


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