Humiliation, party of one.

I had my first physical therapy appointment today. Ouch! Why am I going you ask? Apparently sometime this year I dislocated my big toe on my left foot. This lead to tendonitis and that stuff is painful! It’s bothered me constantly for a few months and I finally went to the doctor to find out why. That’s the diagnosis she gave me. In addition to taping my foot for three days, wearing ionic patches every other day, and taking high powered anti-inflammation medication, I was prescribed PT.

Today was my first official visit. I met the therapist and he’s a stitch. I had to do several exercises with my bum foot and then he’s going to give me a foot rub. I’m thinking yeah! but obviously I’ve never had a PT foot rub. One of the most painful things ever. After it’s over then I get my foot iced. Picture this….a huge square table with nice padding. I’m to lay on this with a wedge underneath my legs so my iced foot is elevated. This is for 20 minutes. Everything’s okay so far. The timer goes off after said 20 minutes and a different guy comes over to turn it off, remove the ice pack, and the wedge. It’s at this part that one of the most humiliating things happens. Good grief. As I’m bringing my feet down and start to adjust myself to sit up, I fart. Holy shit! I could have died. It wasn’t huge or drawn out ( did I really just write that?) but loud enough that I know he heard it. I didn’t flinch a muscle. I totally acted like nothing out of the ordinary, but good grief!  You know that’s one of my fears in working out. I’ll be in the middle of a sit up or squat and pfflllllffft. I might not recover if that happens. Sometimes it’s too quiet in the gym for all that business.

I’m sure he had a good story/laugh after I left. I know I would. And insult to injury? I go back next Tuesday and Thursday. Help!


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