Success and a new challenge.

Wooo Hooo! Last week I lost another 6 pounds. Well, technically I lost it in 4 days. From Monday – Thursday. Eventhough one of those pounds I picked back up from the previous week. That week I lost 6 also. And in that 6 pounds, 4 were from the previous two weeks. So it’s not always a winning week. I actually should re-phrase that statement. It’s always a winning week in the fact that I keep showing up to workout, but it’s not always a weight loss week. For whatever reason. Take last week for example. I weighed on Monday morning (which I don’t like to do) and I was up a pound from that Friday. WTH? I made some really good (tough) choices over the weekend and couldn’t believe what the scale was telling me. I’m getting better at not letting that number get me down. It used to almost undo me. I think now I know that it will come off. I’m by no means happy about it, but I’m in a better frame of mind now and know I work hard so it will go down again. Which, like I said earlier,  was the case 4 days later. You just have to know you’re worth it (something I’m working on!) and remember why you’re doing all of this in the first place.

Now for the new challenge. To be in the 300’s by May 1st. Yep. It’s a big one and it might be a tad out of reach, but I’m going to try like hell to make it happen. That’s 38 pounds I have to lose. I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning and my weekly goal has been to lose 8 pounds. Again, that might be lofty, but it keeps my eye on the prize and motivated. So when Nana keeps offering me her french fries, I decline and let her know, again, that I have a goal I’m trying to get to and no thank you. Can I tell you, I love Braum’s french fries. Goodness. But not as much as I love losing weight.

Speaking of french fries and such…the other day I was asked to bring Johnnie’s home for dinner. If you live in OK you know how tasty Johnnie’s can be and what a treat. For them. Not me. The entire way home I was pissed! My car smelled of nothing but onion rings and it really just made me angry. I was kind of surprised at how mad it made me. What torture to drive 20-30 minutes home surrounded by the smell of onion rings and knowing none of them are for you. I survived and made my chicken and veggies when I got home. Also, next time I’m asked, I’ll have to decline and tell them I would be happy to pick up fixings for a salad!

Here’s to continued weight loss and working towards goals. I cannot wait to see what I look like at the end of this year.


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