Attitude is everything.

Attitude can make or break you. It is definitely a part of your workout. If you don’t believe me, try working out when you just don’t feel like it or your head isn’t in it. It’s almost impossible. It can be done but it’s almost like doing it through mud or quikcrete. (Did I spell that right? anyway…) Well my attitude this week has been less than stellar. I’ve worked out everyday like always but for some reason or another, my attitude hasn’t been there. At times it has downright sucked!  And I’m letting everything get on my nerves. I was talking to my cheering section at work today and when I say things out loud I feel or sound like a child. I’m going through the motions of working out but I feel like something’s missing. Like I’m missing out on something but I can’t quite pin down what I am missing out on. It’s silly really, I think, and I’m sure I’ll get over whatever it is. I need to not get so caught up in my head and just go with the flow. I know I’m restless about situations in my life and maybe that is part of what’s off. Everything takes time and I’ve been rather impatient lately. Take the class on Wednesday morning. I was so frustrated that I almost, for a split second, thought about not doing it anymore and just go back to working out on the arc trainer. The reason –  it seemed like almost all of the exercises had to be modified for me. Realistically it was really only 3, but I was so mad at myself, and a little embarrassed to be honest, that I couldn’t do them like everyone else. That’s crazy. What I should have been thinking was ‘Holy crap! Look what I can do.’ Stuff that I couldn’t or wouldn’t even begin to try much less do 6 months ago. I suppose part of it is I still feel like this remedial kid trying to play with Rhodes Scholars. (Nothing wrong with remedial)

I need to quit worrying about not being on the level of everyone around me and concentrate on where I’m at today. Because this time last year? I was holding down the couch instead of working out in a gym. I’ve lost a bunch of weight, I’m moving better, I’m breathing better, and I’m just living better. So snap out of it! Right??? Also…if you’ve been on the receiving end of my crappy attitude this week, consider this my blanket apology. I’m not usually such an ass.


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