Take Notice.

I was driving away from the gym this afternoon when I looked down and noticed how far away my stomach is from the steering wheel. For me, this is a big deal. For starters, my stomach has always touched the steering wheel. I can’t think of a car that I’ve driven where it hasn’t touched or downright rested on the steering wheel. When I got the car I have now, a lovely Dodge Charger (Woo Hoo!), it was still touching. I remember after I had been working out for a while when I got in my car and noticed I was further away and I could fit a couple of fingers between the wheel and my stomach. I remember floating to work that morning. Cloud 9 couldn’t touch me. That was the first time I could tell that this whole exercise thing was working. It became a benchmark for me. Anyone that rode in my car, I would show them, “Look my stomach isn’t sitting on the steering wheel” or “I can almost fit three fingers between the wheel and my belly. I started taking pictures on my phone to record the progress. I remember showing Jake and anyone else who would look, about the progress I was making. I still randomly take a picture. I did yesterday. Especially after weighing Monday and seeing those damn three pounds back on the scale. I need that reminder that I have made great progress and to keep focus on the bigger picture.

When the scale isn’t being my friend, I can still see that my clothes are ridiculously baggy (I soo need to buy some new duds), I can breathe easier, tie my shoes without a second thought, move easier. Hell, I’m living better than I ever have in my life. It’s not an easy road to walk. If it was, there wouldn’t be an obesity problem in this country. I’ve worked my butt off for every pound lost. I’ve stumbled along the way but I haven’t let those speed bumps derail me. I still notice so many differences in me now than I ever have before. And that is pretty remarkable.

By the way, I weighed again today and I’m back to 427. Take that corn dog and Indian taco. Think I can lose 4 pounds by tomorrow?  🙂


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