Gym noises.

There are common noises in every gym. The sound of weights being used, people talking, the whir of the machines, running on treadmills, possibly even music, etc. What gets me every time is the dreaded fat slaps. My fat slaps to be exact. They haven’t made their presence known for a long time but decided they had been in hiding long enough. They made an appearance on Friday afternoon. I was politely sitting on the bench, pulling down weights, when those uninvited guests showed up. The chicken fat on my arms. You know the part that waves on it’s own when you move your arms. Yeah, there it was saying Hello, I’m back. Ha! In the beginning of this journey I would have died of humiliation (and sort of did). Now I laugh it off, make jokes,  and still sort of die from humiliation. It is embarrassing and I do not like it one bit,  but it’s going to be a part of this until it isn’t and that chicken fat is a thing of the past. It’s slowly going away and while I wish it would disappear overnight, I know it’s going to take some time. Patience. I keep reminding myself it’s not always going to be there and even now it’s getting a little less. I’m noticing that while it’s still squishy, it’s not as squishy as it was this time last year. It’s a little more firm than before. That’s a great thing.

Being able to laugh at yourself and find humor in embarrassing situations is key. Especially when working out. Funny things are going to happen. Whether it’s your fat slapping together or almost falling backwards from kettle bell swings (that happened too), it’s part of life. So when those lovely fat slaps return, and I’m sure they will, I’ll laugh it off and know that one day they will not crash the party.


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