Thank You.

Jake – for all the time and energy you have given to help me get my life healthy. Physically, spiritually, and emotionally. (Thanks for all the kleenex and for not running in the other direction when I have those tears in my eyes.) You are my hero.

Nicole – for always being so encouraging since the very beginning of this journey. You are a treasure. Thank you for praying for me and with me.

Kristi – for answering Jake’s post on facebook back in October 2013. Without that, none of this would have started. You have a key part in saving my life. I am eternally thankful for that and I love you so much.

William, Lauren, Patrick, and Brooke – for listening to me talk non-stop about what exercises I’m learning, how much weight I’ve lost (62 lbs as of today 5/16/14!) or gained, for being some of my biggest cheerleaders and always being excited when I’ve accomplished my next goal. I love you all so much and appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Facebook friends/family – Thank you too for putting up with my numerous weight loss/work out posts. There have been a few (to say the least) and so far no one has told me to knock it off. 🙂 You’re words of encouragement are truly special.

Mom – Thank you for having me. 🙂 And putting up with me, and encouraging me, and telling me to get over it when things just aren’t where I want them to be. “More” – GUP.

And probably the biggest Thank You to God for making all of this possible. I know I’ve said this before but I never thought I would be where I am right this very minute. Losing weight, living healthier, and just living a joyous life. It’s not all peaches and cream but it’s pretty awesome.


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