A day of firsts.

Today I had a few firsts happen….1. I didn’t go to the gym this morning. Gasp! I had intentions and I was prepared. What I wasn’t prepared for was waking up all night long. We’re talking like every hour or every thirty minutes. There was a pretty spectacular storm raging outside so maybe that had something to do with it, I don’t know. I do know that when my alarm went off at 4:10 a.m. I was less than thrilled to get up. But get up I did. However, I could not keep my eyes open for the life of me. I tried and then threw in the towel. I didn’t think it would bother me much but I felt a little off all day. Kind of like how you feel when you think you have forgotten something or felt like there was something you should be doing. That was me today. My second first…I was the first one finished in the afternoon training session! Holy smokes I couldn’t believe. Too be  fair, I’ve been at it a little longer than my two friends and I’m kind of used to it because it was designed like a lot of stuff we do in the mornings. We had to do four rounds of six different exercises and I did it! In 23 minutes and 44 seconds. That was another first. Having a time like that. I had to look at the stop watch a few times to make sure it was 23 and not 33. My friends did an amazing job and we all finished a tough workout. A lot of creaky knees and my arm fat slapping together. Is that ever going to go away?? Anyway, I didn’t want to gloat about being done first (because that’s tacky) but inside I was shouting. I wasn’t last for once. I am always the last one in the morning class. Always. That’s fine because you aren’t competing with the other people (trying not to) , you’re competing with yourself. At least I am. Mostly. 🙂 I will have to give a little shout out to my buddy M.E. because she was nervous to do a box jump and even as nervous as she was, she did it! Just proves that you can do anything you set your mind on doing. It was fun cheering them on and I’m proud of them for making it through. Good job ladies!! Speaking of these two, we are all in a Biggest Loser challenge on Facebook. It started last Friday and you weigh in each Friday morning. After 6 weeks whoever has lost the biggest percentage wins half the money in the pot. Not a bad deal for losing weight. Right? There are monetary penalties if you gain or maintain, so it’s always beneficial to lose, but what a fun way to stay accountable and possibly win some cash at the end. And the last first today…I got approved for my first credit card. Woot, woot. Sure at 40 you would think I would have at least one, but nope. Here’s to fixing my credit and being an adult. Ha. I can’t wait to write about buying my first house. That’s on the horizon people.

Oh! I weighed yesterday and I am 9 pounds from the 300’s. 9 pounds! That is going to happen in the next two weeks. It will be lovely if I can write next week that I’m 3–. Pretty amazing how incredible my life has changed and continues to change. I’m forever thankful and definitely blessed. Happy Thursday party people!

One more Oh! Jake has moved the Saturday bible study to Sunday at 10 a.m. Last week was the first one and it was great. There was a good turn out and even my younger brother and his family came. If you’re looking for a non church church, you should definitely come by and check it out. You won’t be disappointed. It’s an informal, relaxed atmosphere where a group of people get together to learn about the grace of God. See you Sunday?


2 thoughts on “A day of firsts.

  1. You should totally shout about being first! I don’t find it tacky I think us awesome and when you do it, it’s joyful! Now if you do it with the nanny nanny boo boo tune then it’s tacky! But be proud and shout it!! And thanks for the shout out! One day I will conquer those box jumps.

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