Weekend wrap up and 8 months completed.

Happy Monday party people. How was your weekend? Doesn’t it always seem like it goes by in a blink? This past weekend I had a cookout planned for family and friends I have made through the gym and from church at the gym. (yes church at the gym. It’s actually quite awesome. You should come sometime. Sunday at 10a.m. 6420 W. Memorial Road, OKC, OK) Actually let’s start with Friday. Friday I weighed in and I didn’t lose a pound last week. Still 410. It’s a little, maybe a lot, frustrating but the bright side is that I didn’t gain anything. That is a definite plus. In thinking about what I ate, I didn’t have any chicken, hardly any veggies, and I ran out of eggs Tuesday or Wednesday morning. So I was missing a lot of the protein I normally eat and really didn’t replace it with much. Lauren told me, You know you can lose weight by eating other things than just chicken. Haha…I know. It’s just what has been working with me. I was off my schedule or routine and that’s the difference. Anyway, I was in a weird mindset Friday and ate like a stoned college kid. Not so smart breakfast of a pulled pork sandwich, but lunch was even worse. Chinese food! It’s been actual months since I’ve eaten that crap. 8 months ago I was eating Chinese about once a week or at least every two weeks. I really can’t believe I ate it but I wanted to go to lunch with my friends and I was tired of always saying “No, I’m going home for lunch.” Hell, I was kind of feeling like a fat girl. Well hello fat girl. I didn’t go overboard (like before) but I didn’t really enjoy eating it either. Probably because I know how much hard work goes into losing weight, and really every bite that’s all I could think about. How hard I was going to have to work to get rid of that food. And wouldn’t you know it…that was the first afternoon in a while that Jake asked what I had for lunch. I couldn’t even look him in the face but I was honest and told him, albeit very sheepishly, what I ate. It’s not like he would have gotten mad or anything, at least I don’t think so. It’s just an awful feeling knowing you have someone who wants only the best and you mess it up by eating crap. I stepped on the scale to see what damage was done and it read 412. The only silver lining on that is that it was just 2 pounds and not a whole lot more like I was expecting. No more junk food. 😉

Saturday was the day of the cookout. It was a frenzied getting everything ready, hoping everyone shows up, let’s have a good time day. Lots of people showed and seemed to really enjoy themselves. I love having people over/hosting parties. The only drawback is that I always seem to be doing something and don’t really get a lot of time to visit with everyone. A huge thank you goes to Mom and my brothers. Mom for all the help with getting it together and putting food together. William & Patrick for taking care of the grilling. Huge thanks! It was a good time. What wasn’t smart on my part is that I didn’t wear my ankle brace. At all. The entire day. I didn’t think anything of it because I normally don’t on the weekends, but I also don’t run around a lot like I did on Saturday. Yesterday morning it let me know that I still have issues. I fell asleep in the recliner Saturday night (shock surprise!) and woke up around 2:30 or 3 and could hardly walk. My right knee didn’t want to bend and my entire left ankle was on fire. It was definitely a struggle to make it into my room and then even a few hours to try and go back to sleep. When I finally did go to sleep and then wake up for church, I actually thought about not going because it hurt so bad to walk. Even not doing anything it hurt. I went to church but almost left a couple of times because I just couldn’t focus. It was hurting that bad. If it wouldn’t have made a scene I probably would have gone home. Needless to say, I didn’t stick around after it was over and limped quietly out the door. The rest of the day was spent keeping it propped up on pillows and alternating between ice packs and no ice. Nothing has really helped but I kept trying to remember what Jake said in church. Instead of asking God for anything this week, just thank Him. Thank you God for the healing that is going to happen in my knee and ankle. I repeated that all the way home and continued with it throughout the day. Mom also taught me, God is love. So I said that a lot. On repeat. All day. It’s hard to not focus on the pain radiating from my ankle, but that’s what I’ve tried to do. Focus on other things.

This morning it was feeling okay. Not great but there wasn’t shooting pain so I got ready for the gym. It was pouring outside so I fast walked to the car. Wrong idea. What’s a little rain water over a hurt ankle? All the way to the gym I kept thinking I should turn around and that I had zero business going to work out. But I kept talking myself out of it and went in anyway. I told Jake about it so all the exercises that would annoy my ankle were changed. More modifications. 🙂 Anyway, that was my weekend. A lot of fun and some annoying injuries.

Oh!! Saturday marked my 8 months at the gym. I can’t believe where my life is right now. I am continually surprised that I keep working out and that I am working on making better food choices. I don’t know where I would be if Kristi hadn’t answered Jake’s post on Facebook, but I know I would be 100 pounds heavier than I am now and miserable.

I wonder where I will be 8 months from now?


4 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up and 8 months completed.

  1. Thanks and hi fellow Okie! The church is held in the aerobic room of the gym. My trainer is also a preacher so he does the teaching. He is very passionate about it and it’s hard to not be affected. 🙂 It’s great and very casual/relaxed. It’s not your typical church. If you like, come and check it out. And good job on your weight loss!

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