Eating is NOT an event.

I started this on 8/15/2014.


So I was chatting with my brother yesterday on the phone. Catching up and seeing how each of us are doing…it’s been a couple days or so. I was talking about working out. Naturally and what else is new? We were discussing eating fast food. I told him that on weeks when I have a good weigh in, I always think, I’m going to have a bacon cheeseburger today! On weeks when the scale isn’t my friend or it’s been a crappy week, i.e. last week, I think, screw it I’m going to eat _______ and not care. I think yesterday I mentioned Taco Bell. I’m going to have Taco Bell and instead I drive right by. I have every intention of eating whatever it is I’ve said, but 99% of the time I drive right by and head home. I actually cannot tell you the last time I ate Taco Bell. And it’s probably been at least a month since I’ve had a bacon cheeseburger. He said “I’m sure if you did eat that stuff it would make you sick.” I told him about the time a month or so ago how I just had to eat this pizza we had at home. Almost immediately I regretted eating it because I felt ill. I’ve never been a big fan of pizza anyway, but for some reason that day it sounded good. I was wrong. The thing I told him was that I have to rethink my thinking and not look at food as an event. It’s not meant to be special. It’s meant to keep you alive. Sure you have birthdays, anniversaries, date night, whatever where you go out to dinner, but I’m talking about everyday eating. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Food is meant to keep you alive. Eat enough to give you the energy and nutrients you need to live a healthy life. Eat to live not live to eat.

The sooner we take away the power from food, the better our lives will be. I went to an event on Friday that I feel was life changing. I’ll write about it and the weekend in a later post. There were things said about walking in faith and not feelings that really hit home to me. I’m definitely a feelings girl. Especially where food was concerned. Happy, sad, mad, depressed, whatever…food was there. Like I stated earlier,  In going on this journey I have really realized that I have to change my mindset where food is concerned in my life. I have to remove the power I have given it and completely rethink everything. It really is only meant to keep you going. It’s not supposed to be this special thing all the time. Listening to the people on Friday talk about their addictions and how they overcame them was eye opening. I won’t say I’m a food addict because then you are making that your identity. (Something I learned from Nicole.) I had an unhealthy relationship and now I’m making it healthy. Sure I might mess up from time to time. Guess what? I’m human and humans make mistakes all the time. Am I going to let it ruin what I have going for me? Nope. Am I going to let it derail me from the progress I have yet to make? No way. I’m not looking at food as the enemy anymore. It’s a substance to keep me going. Plain and simple. Yes I’ll have some good stuff when it’s time for a celebration, but if you think about it, the healthy food is the really good stuff. (okay, that and my mom’s cheesy potatoes. Ha!)

I hope if you have issues with food you overcome them. It’s my prayer for you. If you need help, ask me. I’ll be here for you. Trust me when I say I know it isn’t easy but you are so damn worth it. Don’t you deserve to life your best life? I know I do. 🙂


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