Full Disclosure.

I am gaining weight. Rapidly. It’s no surprise, at least to me. And if you’ve seen me recently, it’s not a surprise to you either.  I’ve completely abandoned all of my ‘good habits’ and have reverted to the way I used to eat. Maybe not 100% of the way, but enough to wear I’m back in my really fat shirts. The ones I was wearing when I started at the gym. If I keep on the way I’m going, I’m not going to have any pants to wear because A. I can’t afford new clothes right now and B. My smaller pants are getting tighter. I know when it all started. I had surgery September 30, 2016. I started off okay but then not wanting to be any more of a burden than I already felt like I was, I made it easier with meals. Whoever was preparing them or picking up, I went with it. It starts innocently enough and then before you know it, BOOM! Weight is creeping back, back is starting to not feel great, bending over is becoming a bitch again. I’m now to the point where it’s hard to reach my feet easily. What the fuck?! I have to have additional surgery that’s going to rock my world again (although this time I know just how crazy it’s going to be) and I need to curb this shit right now. It’s also rude with the Facebook memories from previous years to see what I was doing a year or two ago and I’m not doing the same things now. Okay, I get it. 🙂 Not to mention,  I miss it. A lot. So, while I have to try and find exercise I can do that doesn’t impact my foot, hahaha!, find it I will. It’s back to chicken and veggies. I know what to do. I can get back on track. I’ll stop beating myself up and just get back with the program. There are family members that are eating better these days so it’s now a family affair. Even if it wasn’t or they weren’t, I will. I have to. I’ve worked to hard to completely fall apart now.